This game came to be the first F2P title I have designed. From this experience I have been the opportunity to explore directions for a successful transition from high definition to mobile game design and learn how to use my existing skills to create gameplay that attains high levels of player retention and monetization.


Sandstorm: Pirate Wars | Game Designer

The episode continues the adventure of the SG1 team from the previous title with an improved combat system and UI as well as new puzzles. I was lucky enough to be able to work with a talented team to create this latest installment in the serie.


Stargate SG1: Unleashed Ep.2 | Lead Designer

Stargate was, on one hand, the first IP game-based I worked in and, on the other hand, the first title I developed for mobile. For both reasons, this title resulted a pleasing and fun challenge to face.


Stargate SG1: Unleashed Ep.1 | Game Designer

Chosen as one of XBLAFans’ most anticipated games of 2013, the game was developed following the premise “easy to learn, challenging to master”. This title was an interesting challenge in my career due to the diversity of tasks I faced along the development.


Alien Spidy | Game & Level Designer

This title allow us to make the jump to PlayStation3 and XBox360, with all of the opportunities and challenges entailed. The title offers a new design for UI, high quality textures and a few new units to lead in the battlefield.


History: Legends of War | Game & Level Designer

Awarded at the VI Editions of Desarrollador_Es for the “Best Portable Game” in 2011 given by the DOID (Spanish Game Developer Association), this title meant the first development as Game Designer. My hands-on involvement saw me laying out levels, implementing set-ups and scripting the menu navegation.


Legends Of War: Patton’s Campaigns | Game & Level Designer

Turn-based global strategy game bundled with a real-time tactics game mode set in the World War II. My main duties involved to build some of the levels of the game, towns, deserts, meadows and all the capital cities.


War Leaders: Clash Of Nations | Level Designer