War Leaders: Clash Of Nations

Role Level Designer
Engine Arkano 3D (in-house engine)
Tools 3DSMax, Photoshop, Perforce
Released for PC
Year 2008

About the game

War Leaders: Clash of Nations is a mix between turn-based and real-time strategy game which follows the basic formula known from the Total War series.

During the turn-based part the player performs actions like recruiting armies, trading with resources, diplomacy or researching better equipment in a world divided in 7 Nations and 175 provinces.

Then, when starting a battle, the player has a choice between resolving it automatically or joining in himself. Then the game switches to a real-time battle where the two armies clash together.

My Tasks

My main duties involved to build some of the levels of the game, like towns, deserts, meadows and all the capital cities.

I was hired on 2007 to work in the last stage of this development which supposed the most ambitious and titanic project for the company. War Leaders: Clash of Nations, an AAA title for PC, took more than 6 six years to be completed.

Extras for fans

Do you want to know more about this development? Click on the link above.

Level Building for War Leaders: Clash Of Nations