Stargate SG1: Unleashed Ep2

Role Lead Designer
Engine Unity3D (plugins: uScript, uSequencer)
Tools Word, Excel, Visio, Photoshop, 3DSMax, SketchUp, TortoiseSVN
Released for Amazon, iOS and Android
Year 2013

Episode 2

This installment continues the adventure of the SG-1 team from the previous title with an improved combat system, a revamped UI and new puzzles.

Team Lead

During the development, a new team of designers came to reinforce the department. I was promoted to Lead Designer to coordinate and teach them how to work with the tools used in the project.

Level and Cinematic Design

One of the tasks I really enjoyed to do was the level design for some of the levels. It involves to script the gameplay in a visual programming tool called uScript, working in the cinematics and Quick Time Events (using a Unity Cutscene Editor called uSequencer) and adding dialogues with an in-house tool.