Hungry Dragon

Role Gameplay Designer

Engine Unity3D

Tool Confluence, Word, Excel, Jira, Sourcetree

Released for Android and iOS

Year 2018

About the game

Unleash fiery fury from above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic action-arcade rampage where everything and everyone is on the menu! Control ferocious dragons, flying, burning and devouring your way through a medieval realm packed with deliciously unsuspecting prey!

My Tasks

Overall, my duties in this project lied in champion core gameplay. Since I joined the team, I took ownership of prototyping, designing NPC’s AI behaviours, implementing gameplay systems and drive all of them to final quality.

First at all, I tackled the titanic task of organising and structuring the GDD for the project and providing a coherent nomenclature for every and each entity in content, while documenting all the existing mechanics and designing new ones. After prototyping and testing them, I was in charge to place assets and entities in the scene.

All that was possible thanks to the close collaboration with Future Games Of London’s team, with which I was in contact to learn the brand, and know deeper about their project Hungry Shark World and documents.

In the meanwhile, I worked with together production and programming in order to improve design workflows and practices for our department.

Other tasks I took involved to manage outsourcing resources as localisation and music.

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