I studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional (ESDIP) and 3D modeling and Animation at Arteneo in Madrid.

During those years I focused my interest in video games and so, I started to support the Spanish Official Forums of PlayStation as Host (aka MVP or Most Valuable PlayStationer) and Betatester.

In 2006, I got my first professional job in the game industry as Quality Assurance at Virgin Play.

Finishing that experience, on 2007, I got my first job as Designer at Enigma Software Productions. Here, I handled tasks related to game and level design.

Ending 2012, I joined Arkalis Interactive as Senior Game Designer to develop the first episode of a game based on the Stargate SG1 IP. Next year, I was promoted to Lead Designer for the second installment.

Later on, in 2014, I joined Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile as Game Designer to develop F2P games like Sandstorm: Pirates Wars and the great success Hungry Dragon.

Currently I am working at elite3d.