I’ve been working as Designer in the games industry since 2007 and I have had the pleasure to work with talented people.

Virginia studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional (ESDIP) and 3D modeling and Animation at Arteneo in Madrid.

During those years, she focused her interest in video games, her authentic passion since the childhood, and started to work as a volunteer Host (aka MVP) on the Spanish Official Forums of PlayStation. There, she helped to foster the community, by creating and organising events for titles like Killzone, Heavy Rain or Dragon Age among others. At the same time, she participated as Betatester for several Sony’s games. She performed both positions until 2010.

In August 2006, she started to balance her studies and hobbies with her first professional job in the industry, Quality Assurance at Virgin Play, where she tested games for Nintendo and PlayStation devices.

Finishing her educational stage, in 2007, Virginia got a job as Level Designer at Enigma Software Productions. One year later she was promoted to Game Designer and was in charge to design the coming titles for the company which were released for PC, PS3, PSP, PSVita and Xbox360. During those years she performed tasks as much diverse as interesting, like game designing, level building, scripting in a high level, concept art and design sounds.

Ending 2012, attracted for its remarkable beautiful setting and the challenge to develop an episodic interactive story based on the well-known Stargate franchise, Virginia joined Arkalis Interactive, an Andorra based company. There, she started to work as Game Designer for the first episode and was promoted to Lead Designer for the second one. By playing this role, she had the opportunity to collaborate with the writer Sally Malcolm.

In May 2014, Virginia joined Ubisoft Mobile Barcelona as Game Designer for facing new and thrilling challenges by developing F2P mobile games.