Level Building in Legends Of War

The Concept

During the pre-production, we read a lot about Patton and his skirmishes and campaign throughout Europe. A key piece to have a clear idea about his battles and strategic was the book titled Patton & his Third Army, written by Patton’s adjutant in 1946.

With all the information we got, we were able to write a quite detailed and a historically rigorous briefing for each mission.

At the same time, we had a lot of previous visual information, props and units modelled thanks to our last project, War Leaders: Clash of Nations. From design, we wanted to offer a rich title regarding pacing and gameplay. So, from early stages, we gave a great importance to all the missions that the game could have, vavarie of objectives, to avoid repetitiveness, while bringing a fulfilling game experience to the player.


Level Design Process

For a designer, an important point in the process is to reach a fun experience within a beautiful looking level. Nevertheless an unbalanced level can ruin the overall experience.

In Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign all the levels have been optimized along months of testing.

As you can see in the workflow, the process is started sketching out rough layouts to have an approachment about what we wanted to get. After the first lines, there is a long and hard way to get a final level.


Balancing the game

At the beginning, for some maps, especially those which gameplay was infiltration, the players had to spend more than 50 turns. In those maps were enemy units everywhere guarding every bush and rock in the map, being really difficult to play, and, more than that, impossible to complete… Besides, some units were unbalance, like the overpowered Bazooka and the Commando alias “kick-ass”.

During the project we invested many time to balance the game, watching how the people played in “play tests”. At the end, the players need to think carefully what kind of unit are recruiting to each mission, how they invest the Prestige gained and how to move their units in the battlefield to accomplished the mission. Finally, the result depends on the strategy of the players. If you have the best sniper, or the best tank but you are a bad strategist, for sure the unit will be a died man.

Variety of environments

During the campaign the players will cover all scenarios of battle in the North of Europe, from the French countryside to the Ardennes, German towns and villages and finally the city of Berlin in ruins.

The game pays great attention to the design of the maps and the missions to achieve a great ambiance replete with details and visual effects, and with a great playability and strategic depth.