Alien Spidy


After finishing Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign, at the same time we work on its port to HD, History: Legends of War, we started to developt Alien Spidy, a colorful physics-based platformer action and side-scrolling game based in a 2D/3D world.

Alien Spidy was released on 2013 for PSN, XBLA, PC and Mac, some months after being chosen as one of <b>XBLAFans’ most anticipated games of the year</b>.

Tools used | Unity3D; Photoshop; Word; Excel; Sony Sound Forge


Job Description
This project supposed a great challenge and the funniest development I have worked on due to the variety of tasks I had to deal with. Coordinate teams of internships, design the main character, Spidy, as well as all the settings and a great part of SFX were some of the tasks I did, besides design the core gameplay and build some of the levels.