Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign


In this turn-based strategy game, the player assumes the role of Patton of the US army during the late stages of the 2WW conflict, from the Normandy invasion, to the German capitulation and the end of the war in Europe.

The game was awarded at the VI Editions of Desarrollador_Es for the Best Portable Game in 2011 given by DOID (Spanish Game Developer Association).

It was released on PSN for PSP on 2010.

Tools used | Vicious Engine; 3D Studio Max; Word; Excel; Sony Vegas; Perforce

Job description
I was promoted to Game Designer for this project. I was in charge to document and design the core gameplay and features for this project, participating in the game balance and test. During the development of Legends of War: Patton’s Campaigns and, later, its port History: Legend of War, I also faced the task to script, in a low level, the navigation in the main menu.


Legends of War is undoubtedly the best pure strategy game for PSP, essential for the lovers of the genre(…). They have led the small screen of the PSP the feeling to be playing to a PC strategy game.
vandal.net Score: 90/100

If Sony doesn’t snap this game up themselves they will be missing out on what is one of the PSP’s best games to date(…). Without a doubt Legends of War is one of the best looking games to grace Sony’s handheld.
playstationonline Score: 90/100

Tension, variety and brain training are presented here(…). Recommended for PSP strategists.
gamingxp.com Score: 88/100

Control system is perfectly solved and makes the title both intuitive and entertaining(…).
strike-games.com Score: 88/100